Thursday, November 8, 2012

the joys of being the youngest

I love my family. I got this email today and it totally had me laughing. This next year we are planning a family reunion at Duck Beach. With my family being so large and everyone being so spread apart from each other (not to mention my sister way off in Scotland) something needed to be planned! I feel like I haven't even seen my family. Since I have been back from my mission last January I have seen..
1. My parents for no longer than a week in total
2. My sister Brandy for about a week and a half in total
3. My brother Ryan for just 2 days
4. My sister Lindsay for about 3 days
5. My sister Brittany for about 3 days
6. My brother Zack more often because we were up at BYU together
7. I haven't even seen my twin sister yet!

So I think it's safe to say a family reunion is well overdue! My oldest sister Brandy took advantage of the fact that 3 of the 9 are on the east coast and planned for a week long beach house reunion on the outer banks.  According to her email there are a lot of things to be excited about come June. I apparantly am going to have a boyfriend and my Dad approved for him to sleep with Grace and Ashton-2 of the most rambuncious nieces and nephews I have! Scare tactics? I was just glad the pressure lies on my brother who needs to have a wife by then. I think I can handle the boyfriend part. I guess this is what happens though when you are the youngest and just about everyone (minus my brother and I) are married and have kids. They love to tease and they want to marry me off.

I did always tell myself that the day I'd bring a guy home to meet my whole family of 28 would be the day I'd be saying...I want to marry this man. I'm not just going to bring any guy home to meet my 4 intense/talkative sisters that will drill the heck of him, someone who is going to get attacked and smothered by all my nieces and nephews and get the scary threats and teasing by my daddy. If I am going to put a guy up on display for my whole family to judge/decide whether he's good enough for me, he's going to have to be someone special and someone I want to marry!

So what I am trying to say is this "man" I will be bringing to the family reunion will have to my future hubby. I have 7 months...

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