Monday, November 19, 2012

catch up

So I have been neglecting my blog. I knew this day would eventually come. But because so many people read this thing I just want to apologize to you all. I know you have been anxiously waiting for a blog spot. I know you all live and breathe off everything I write soooo my apologies. :) I do have an excuse. Here are just a few things that have been taking up my time. 
I got all political (it's kind of hard not to be when you live in DC) and voted for the first time. I watched all the debates. I even went to debate parties. Do those only exist out here? I even downloaded the CNN app so it could send me notifications and keep me up to date with the election.

I went out with my Brasilian friends I met in the bathroom at the Halloween dance. I know Portugues when I hear it and when I walked into the bathroom to look at my sweaty-hot-mess-self they were in there speaking Portugues. So glad we had that special moment in the girls bathroom because after a short conversation, a number exchange and an outing in Adam's Morgan, I have 2 new beautiful friends!

Going on adventures and making true and long lasting friends!

Resolving more problems that I would've liked with my car. Got it shipped out here arriving with $3000 in damages because of all the scratches the moving company made. And no big deal... a couple weeks ago a deer hit my car and destroyed one side. I pulled this photo not because the deer had horns (LUCKILY) but the size of this deer was the size of the deer that hit me. That was fun.

Exploring new parts of the city like Chinatown. Ashley and I saw this sketchy nail place and it turned out to be a true gem. My shellack...3 weeks later is still shellacking! It hasn't chipped yet!

I went to a church dance. I know right?! Never thought this day would come. After my mission and even before I realized I hated dance parties and they just weren't my thing anymore. And for those that know me this is kind of a big deal considering I was a dancing machine back in the day. So I went dancing and not only dancing but at a church building! Pretty sure the last time I did this I was 14! So here's the shocker, I enjoyed myself and had fun.

When I do have time I have been watching Vampire Diaries. Go ahead and judge me but I want you to go out an watch one episode and then come and talk to me! My sister Brandy got me hooked back in May when she came down for a visit and slumber party. Only she would understand a text that says "ten more minutes" on a Thursday night just before my show is about to start.

Parties... this one was in spirit of the new 007 movie.

Visits from friends. I love living in DC. Everyone seems to love ME so much they all come to visit ME and strictly come to the city just for ME!! 

If you know me you know I love word games. This wonderful app has been a good time filler when I am on the metro and want to feel somewhat more connected to my sister (You're thinking you play this game to feel close to someone) Don't worry. I talk to her all the time. This just adds to the fun and I promise not all my words are swear words..

Having lots of pre-Thanksgiving foods and parties. I do't think I have had so much Thanksgiving food before the actual holiday! From ward parties to work parties to house parties. I guess I am getting my fill for  not having had Thanksgiving the past 2 years! 

Went on a quick rendezvous to my sisters for Halloween. Minus getting hit by a deer this trip was nothing but love. Can't wait to give out more of these kisses this week and eat my moms Thanksgiving dinner!! 


  1. 1) i love you 2) i love that i made the blog! i would MOVE out there for you ness! haha.
    also, i love chinatown: you need to go to tony cheng's for lunch or dinner sometime! all you can eat mongolian bbq! so delish!
    and, i used to have words with friends, but then i got my iphone and didn't download it, but i will if you'll play with me! i love word games! haha. you should also try scramble with friends! it's like boggle.
    i'm seriously so jealous of all the fun stuff you get to do! i guess i'm going to have to come visit again, and be there for longer than a day! ;)

  2. move out here then!! what are waiting for?! i will put tony chengs on my list to do's. I have heard of the boggle thing...just havent jumped on the bandwagon with this one! find me on words with friends...i will so beat you!