Monday, December 31, 2012

year recap

This year has gone by super fast but SO many things have happend. So let's just jump straight to it. Here's some photos and a list of major things that happened to me this past year.

January- Finished my mission and came home exhausted but tan :) My parents and brother came and picked me up. Visited people from the mission (my favorite part) and toured  some cities in Brasil-Rio de Janeiro, Manaus and Iguassu!

February- BYU started. I was trying to get acclimated and not too acclimated knowing school would end that semester if I got an internship. Got the internship. Got to see old friends for the first time and even see friends from the mission in real clothes!
Worked as a graphic designer for the College of Physical and
Mathematical Sciences on BYU campus. One of my jobs was to manage
 the digital signage and this is just a minor example.
March- Finally went to the movie theatre for the first time with Amanda. Was loving work. Landed my internship in DC post graduation. Road trip to Vegas with Hannah who had never been. Saw my sister and the newest edition to the family..Gage! Road trip to CA for Kerali's wedding. First beach experience with Dan Dan.

Meeting little Gage for the first time.
My virgin missionary eyes officially were corrupted in Vegas.
But this didn't stop me from taking a picture with them. 
First reunion with the beach in CA.

April- Saying goodbye to projects and schoolwork. Saying goodbye to best friends. Parents came to Utah to celebrate me graduating. Went to my first party or hang out that had more than 4 people ( Up until this point I didn't have any desire to do things in big groups).

JC party. 
May- Took a trip back to Brasil. Saw 2 old companions who came home early for health reasons (is it bad that I was happy they were home??) Got to go around my mission on a walking! Said hello and goodbye to Marco. Starting my new life in DC. Girls trip in DC with my mom, sister and niece.
I didn't have to have a companion so Inajara and I fit just perfectly.
Meeting my 2 companions for the day in Sao Paulo.
My new job!
The perfect trip at the time I needed them the most.
June- Figuring out the metro system. First truck experience. Getting used to saying hi to the White House every day. Becoming best friends with my GPS on my iPhone even if the place was less than a block away.

July- First and last time I saw the metro completely empty. Went to DE for the first time to see Brandy and all her kids. First swimsuit experience post mission. Touring DC with my new friend Amanda. Dad visits. Derek visits. Best friend comes to visit.  NextGen event at Govloop.

Had to go to Cheesecake factory.

August- Visit Bets in Philadelphia. Finally had the DC Cupcake experience. First interview with National Geographic. Trip to New York with Amanda and her friends. Got to see Lauren! Goodbye to the Govloopers. Celebrating my birthday with my loves in Delaware.

September- Landed the job at National Geographic. Getting used to the new work space. Enjoying the perks of my new job. Lindy came to visit.  Moved into a new place just down the street from my last place. 
First time in the National Geographic museum.
A couple weeks into the job I was already enjoying my time on
a yacht for the annual work party. NBD.

October- Hurricane Sandy hit. Finally hanging out and meeting my Brasilian People :) Kayla and Julie visit. Met me new dear friend Ashley. My work at NatGeo was hitting television and being displayed behind home plate at the National Baseball World Series.

November- Election day. Saying goodbye to this boy. Spending Thanksgiving in Connecticut at my sister's new house. Grace's baptism and first baptism I've been at since the mission. First time in a suite at the NBA Wizard's game. Seeing my work on the big screen.

December- Taking Erica to the temple for the first time.  Moving once again. Flew home to CA to enjoy Christmas/family/friend time. First Christmas home in 2 years! Finally met baby Ash. Bry visits.

My decorating shows I don't intend on moving anytime soon!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and wishing you and amazing new year! This past year I have grown and learned so much from the many different life experiences that came my way. I wouldn't have changed a thing. I can't wait to see what this next year holds, what challenges I might face and what joys I will experience. Thanks to all of you who have played a major role in my life and made this past year simply unforgettable!