Thursday, July 11, 2013

drum roll

I'm the new Relief Society President. Who called it? Not me! I'm pretty sure I did this when the Bishop told me the news.
Except imagine 2 hands on my head, saying what?! telling him that it's a HUGE responsibility, that I've never been in any RS presidency before, that I have only been in the ward a short time, that I am really young and the list goes on. I was shocked.

When he told me he wanted to talk to me I thought... why me?
Did I just speak in church? Check.
Did I just get a new calling? Check.
Did he just ask me about my love life at the Summer Soiree activity a couple days before and did my reposnse get cut off due to a sudden distraction? Check.
So maybe that's why he's calling me in? To hear the rest of my story? Wrong.

Now that I have had a couple weeks to let it settle in, now that I officially got called on Sunday, now that he's set me apart and come Sunday I will have a full presidency up and running I am feeling a little bit better about it all.

When he called me in the first thing he wanted to know was whether my job was official or not. I had to say no. He extended me the calling anyhow and the next day I got my official offer letter. I love how the Lord works.

I guess I'll be staying in DC for awhile. One of the other RS presidents said to me on Sunday "here's to the next 3 years or until you get married." I guess only time will tell which will happen first. And remember in my last post when I said my life was busy and it was only going to get busier? Ya. I'm already starting to feel it. Wish me luck...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Duck Beach

Lately I've been busy. But this isn't anything new. I'm always busy. And my life is just about to get even busier. It might have taken me days to get through this post but I did it.

Sooo lots of things have been happening but my 2 highlights were
Duck Beach round #1 with my friends and
Duck beach round #2 with my family.

Duck Beach Round #1 was Spring Break gone wild mormon style. People from all over the United States congregate Memorial Day weekend to....go to the beach when some people have one in their back yard or less than 15 minutes away?  To come meet other mormons when they are living in Utah and the whole state is populated by them? Or my personal favorite to go and meet "the one." I guess that has happened for people in the past but like my favorite movie says in "He's Just Not That Into You" those people who actually met "the one" at Duck Beach are the exception, not the rule.

It obviously didn't happen to me and I'm not bitter by any means. My goal for the weekend was to get a tan and I can easily say...mission accomplished.
All those people ahead of us...Mormons after Mormons after Mormons

So just 2 weeks after that I had Duck Beach Round #2.
It was the first time my family had been together in almost 4 years. All we needed was my sister and her husband to be there to make things complete! The week consisted of fishing, kayaking, swimming, dolphin watching, sports, eating good food, staying up late playing cards, dancing gangnam style, art classes with my mom, glow in the dark dance parties with my neices and nephews and laughing our heads off throughout the night.

Some of my personal highlights were
1. Ryan (the most passive and calm person in our family) throwing all his cards at my sister Lindsay during a round of Nertz because someone got a little too heated. Don't worry immediately afterwards he said, "I feel bad about that." I still don't know who would've won that round..

2. The fact that my 4 year-old niece Ivy almost drowned in the pool and was saved by my 8 year-old niece Grace WASN'T a highlight but her response was. When my sister asked Ivy what happened she sang Taylor Swift's song Trouble " I'm drooooowing I'm droooooowning I'm drooooowing"

3. Karaoke night
Combined with Ryan's classic/famous dance moves and Lindsay and my impromptu dance number it all had us laughing hysterically. We definitely got the party started by the end of the number. Too bad Ryan and Rayna won the karaoke competition.

4. Conservative Jeremy in the gangnam style video. Because he's my brother-in-law and doesn't have the crazy I-want-all-the attention blood that's in the Vogel family, this was shocking to see. He even put on a yellow shirt to play the part!

 (please go to 1:06 to understand what I'm talking about)
(And don't forget Hunter's perfected pelvic thrust at 2:46)

6. Basketball against my mom and my sister Lindsay. When we weren't dying in hysterical laughter we did manage to play some ball and bring out the claws.

7. Being with my nieces and nephews. Aside from anything gospel related I love them more words than anything in the world.

8. The games. My family is really competitive and we had 4 brackets drawn out on poster boards listing the tournament rounds for basketball, volleyball, pool and fooseball. Each day we had to play our individual matches and while my 12 year-old niece and I did terrible at basketball against the athletic boys in our family, Zack and I made up for it when we became the fooseball champions!

9. Just being with my beautiful family. I sure am the luckiest girl ever. By the end of the trip it had me family is crazy, we know how to have fun and I love each and every one of them. So glad I can be with them for eternity.
Hate my hair in the picture (thank you humidity) but you
do get to see my beautiful family in almost its entirety...just missing Molly and Ken!
This amazing woman keeps us all together.
Cant wait for the Vogel Reunion 2015! While I disappointed my family by not bringing a significant other, maybe the next one I won't let them down. Afterall, I found out during our game night of Family Feud I am most likely to be married next. It's a good thing I beat my 6 year-old neice Hazel, 2 year old nephew Henry and my sister Brandy who's married with 5 kids!