Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So I just took a trip to Scotland to visit my twin sister who I hadn't seen in over 3 years. And I think about it,  this trip was the most time I had spent with my other half since Middle school or since or last family vacation! So when you reach a conclusion such as this, you know somethings wrong. Something needs to change.  Which is why my older sister and I decided to go out and see what her life has been like for the past couple years in Glasgow. The trip was amazing. I loved it there. I told people that aside from the temple that was the most peaceful, serene place I have ever been to. The highlight (other than good sister bonding) was the island of Cumbrae. 

See that red dot that completely covers the island? That's it.
It has one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen and was so peaceful! And to top that off, just imagine being on an island with a population of what felt like 4 people-me, my older sister, my twin sister and her husband. Oh and I can't forget the sheep and cows. We biked around the entire island and it was breathtaking.

So I absolutely love to travel. If I had all the money in the world that's what I would spend it on. Right when I got back off my trip I stumbled upon this picture and decided where I want to go next...St Lucia. Just look at this picture. Need I say more? Not to mention I want to go to Brasil for a best friend's wedding. Time to start saving...

Or this wouldn't be too shabby in Maldives off the coast of India. 
Wouldn't mind sleeping out in one of these.
Or one of these.
I think it's safe to say one thing...I'm ready for summer!