Saturday, November 3, 2012

it does happen

My dear friend and companion in the MTC is getting hitched today. I wish I was there! And to whom might you ask? A Brasilian. Someone who had served with her in the mission. So while everyone or should I say the majority of people thought I was crazy it does happen...just didn't happen to me. Throughout my mission I always heard about these stories but this is the first time I know someone personally. So happy for them! So despite what the majority says or what everyone might think, a Brasilian can marry an American. It has happened. It just happened today... it just might not happen to everyone. And the point of the blogpost was to say just this. This photo says it all.
Loved what the photographer said- "I don't speak Portuguese, and Matheus doesn't speak a ton of English but I really didn't even notice the language barrier."


  1. cute! He's pretty good lookin. I love the photo of the two statues. :)

  2. The guy I dated the whole time I was at BYU was half Brasilian. His dad was Brasilian and his mom was from Utah; they met at school. So bring your count up to two.

  3. He is pretty good looking. Brooke we need to talk and I'll show you another good looking one I might have my eye on! And Alison I take the half Brasilian guy didn't work out for you either?

    1. Haha, nope. Dated and broke up four times. You'd think I'd have learned after two...