Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013


The first thing I tried in Brasil was Halls. That's right, you heard me. Not some of their candies, truffles, beans, rice, fruit, juice, or carne. And you know what I was thinking? Why on earth would my professor take me on a field trip outside the CTM (MTC in Brasil) hours after I'd gotten there to a super market where he could've picked out anything and he gets medicine?!  I didn't understand. Don't know if that's changed 2 1/2 years later.  But I tried it and kept it in my mouth to be polite. But why you might ask? Halls to them is like gum to us. It makes their breath smell good (if good equates to medicine than yes) and hot like a minty flavored gum would. To this day I still don't get it and you don't know how many people offered me Halls while I was in Brasil.

But for the first official time I can say I have purchased Halls. Of course I had to go with the fruity watermelon flavor. Was is because I was missing Brasil? Because I wanted to give this whole Halls thing a try? Wanted to test the water with something fruity and work to something minty since I want a gum replacement (I have been home from my mission for a year and still haven't chewed gum without spitting it out minutes later) ? Was it because I was in a watermelon mood? No no and no no and no. I was sick. That's it. A perfect explanation right? I'd think so. But in the Brasilians defense, this didn't taste like medicine. It was borderline watermelon jolly rancher candy. Yummy right? And it cleared my throat up like a champ. Now I just have to get rid of this nasty ear infection. Here's to week number 3 of being sick.