Friday, June 7, 2013


So I've officially had my blog for a little over a year. Who would have thought I could do this. I didn't know I had it in me. Sometimes it was like pulling teeth. I didn't enjoy it but I wanted to enjoy it. I still don't know if I'm at the place where I loveeee blogging but nonetheless I am still trying to get there. So as I was feeling proud of myself I checked the date of my last entry and it was a couple months ago! A 2 month hiatus without one single post. Whoops! I guess I wasn't doing as good as I thought.

So instead of trying to update you on my life the past couple months why don't I fill you in on something more entertaining, my sisters. Her life is that much more entertaining. Ok maybe not. I do have a lot going on (hence the reason I find little time to blog) but after I got this video today I couldn't NOT blog about this.

So it all started a couple weeks ago when my beautiful niece Ivy did this....
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That would be WHITE leather chairs! And this was only the first of five she drew on... Let's just say my sister wasn't the happiest camper when she found this piece of art on the wrong canvas after dinner.

And today I got this video...
She struck again! But this time it was on her bed. And after watching this can anyone please tell me how you could mad to a little girl like this?? Even after this very very naughty act. And here I thought that the day when I'd become a mom punishing my children would come only quick and natural  But what if i have kids like this girl?! If so.. uhhh ohhh. I'm in trouble.