Friday, March 14, 2014


So I had never really taken a "selfie" until recent. I was introduced to an app we call snapchat and the rest is history. People had explained the point of this app back when I got off my mission but I never really understood why people liked it. I mean isn't it vain taking a photo of you and only you?
Who really looks good that close up anyhow! Don't you feel stupid snapping a photo and other people looking at you thinking selfie!? Just look how ridiculous this 50 year-old woman looks behind Ashley and I.

After taking more awkward selfies than I can count and deleting more photos then I actually send :) I'm now a defender of the app. I can carry on snapchat selfie convos, I still think it's utterly pointless but who cares!

Have I mastered the selfie taking pics? Heck no. Don't know if I will ever get there. Just look at these photos my sister and I TRIED to take when she came down to DC for a slumber party shopping weekend. I wouldn't let her go home until we successfully took one selfie together. Mission failed. Between her eyes being closed or us laughing mid photo (hence the blurriness) it was a total disaster.


So here's to the only selfie of the 73939101984747  photos I've snapped that I look remotely... decent?  Or emotionless? Or bored? Or maybe I just like that necklace. While I have gotten over the I'm-too-cool-to-take-selfies mentality, I still need some help.
I'm still opposed to posting a pic like this on FB or Insta and don't know if I will ever will get over that (I think that's a good thing?) but here's to improving my selfie skills one selfie at a time.