Friday, July 27, 2012

the pants

I just bought some colored pants. I would say they are more a mustard yellow? But to the guy who told me he thought I didn't have pants on, moments after I opened the door to use the restroom (and keep in mind I have never met/seen this guy before in my life) I think he would call the pant color nude. Who would really say that?! Ok, I get the fact that he could instantly think-that girl doesn't have pants on but to blurt that out to a complete stranger? I was so paranoid afterwards, I asked some coworkers if they thought the same thing. The confirmed that it does indeed look like I have pants on.

So my response to the random guy in the hall who doesn't seem to have a filter? Yes, I have more than just a blouse on. Can you say awkward? But since then, I have gotten more compliments on the pants which completely outweighs that one crazy one. I would say I am safe to wear them some more.

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