Tuesday, July 31, 2012

meet manish alimchandani

This past weekend GovLoop put on this huge training event for those involved in government. I am no government official or way tech saavy but luckily I had Manish Alimchandani in the back with me to get things up and working. We spent literally all day Thursday and Friday together. 

The weekend consisted of lots of running around, eating good food, making sure people were happy, had their powerpoint slides up, working microphones but their was some down time. And down time meant Manish and I time.

He was a nice Indian man and in just the 2 short days we were with each other I heard his life story. This wasn't anything unusual. Generally when I meet someone they tend to open up and divulge their deepest darkest secrets, their passions and fears.  I found his story to be rather interesting. He told me about his parents arranged marriage, his lack of finding love here in the United States and his trip to India next week in hope to find and marry that special someone in just 2 weeks! His plan if he doesn't achieve this? Come back to his job here in the United States. But he is pretty determined and told me that in India, 
"that's where the magic happens." 

Throughout the conference I kept teasing him about my hopes in him finding this magic. If he doesn't come back to the United States in 2 weeks, I can now say that the magic does happen in India. He made sure to give me his business card at the end and now I have my way of finding out. Maybe I should go to India?

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