Wednesday, July 25, 2012

help...i'm locked out!

My sister and best friend came out to visit me this past weekend. She told me that she needed a break from her 5 kids and I was happy to step in. Her list for the weekend-shop and eat. I would say, mission accomplished.
ate in Georgetown

Of course we went to Cheesecake Factory.
After a nice night spent in the hotel we were ready for a full day of shopping!
matching pjs
But the highlight was our Nordstroms rack dressing room experience. I have tons of memories with Brandy and I in dressing rooms for hours at a time. This was no different, after all she was kidless. We love bargains, we love to shop, we love to show each other everything we try on and if we are lucky we share the same big-sized handicapped dressing room.

Laughter is always involved. This time the laughing outburst wasn't just because of the tight Hudson jeans that after a long attempted effort, just couldn't go over her butt or because a Juicy dress made me look like a hootie mama but Brandy locked herself out and this was the result.
Vanessa to the rescue.
Luckily we were next door to each other and I could slip under and open the door from the inside. Maybe she found this to be so funny she purposely locked herself out again (notice the change in outfit).

Due to our laughing attacks I am pretty sure these are the only photos that came out clear. But after 4 hours in Nordtroms Rack our experience was successful, funny and one to always remember. I love my sister. I just don't love the blisters my new shoes are giving me. 

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