Saturday, June 9, 2012

the new job

I am absolutely loving my new job in DC.  Love taking the metro everyday. Love the city. Love the professional feel. Love all the youthful energy that flows at work. Love the laid back/ I still get my work done attitude.

The first couple days I thought it was weird because people would get up randomly and play ping pong throughout the day. I thought to myself-is this really allowed? While I still haven't gotten to playing ping pong nearly as much as I would like after all I am the new girl/ I have work to do/ things to prove I have still managed to beat some of the men I work with.

But because I haven't been dominating over the ping pong table I have had the time to design a few things. This past week was the first time one of my coworkers Jeff let me lose to do what I wanted to do. This was the final result.

I was excited to see the finished project. Even more excited that I didn't have to look at anymore of those puzzel pieces again. After so many countless hours of drawing, looking and aligning all of those puzzle pieces my eyes were going crazy. But in the end they gave me positive feedback about the overall guide. I learned some new things like hyperlinking...all that blue text throughout the guide isn't a design element! If someone were to open this as a pdf and click on them, it links to another page (definition for those who don't know what a hyperlink is-mom). But really loving the job, the new life out in DC and all the designing that's taking place.

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