Thursday, June 7, 2012

it itches....

I never knew a sunburn could itch. Then again I have never been this badly sunburned before.
After the pain, itching and sleepless nights I am feeling better. But can I just say I wanted to cry more than once over the past week and no it wasn't because of a certain someone. It was so bad I almost went to work without a bra.

But really whose fault is it? I take all the blame. My sister told me once we got to the beach that I should put on sunscreen. But me being ever so bright thought, I never get sunburned, I never put on sunscreen, and walked in the hot sun in Brasil for a year and a half without every putting on sunscreen. Why now? Never again will I go to the beach without my SPF. I seemed to have forgotten about how I hadn't been in a swimsuit for 2 years or how my shoulders and thighs have been hiding from the sun as well.  My shoulders were definitely the most painful.

These pictures were taken literally right when I got home from the beach. Just imagine how it got afterwards.

But after using almost a full bottle of this baby, I made it out just fine. The itching has stopped and one day the peeling will as well. I'd like to think I have a solid base tan for the rest of the summer.

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