Saturday, June 23, 2012

that one roommate

Whenever people ask how my roommate situation is I start off with it's good. I like two of them but one of the girls is interesting......different and..... and.....and....

I try to think of so many "nice" words to describe the girl but I always have such a  difficult time. Can i just say I have never met a girl quite like her! Her door is just across from mine so one would think we would see each other a lot, or at least more than the other 2 girls who live upstairs. Right? Wrong. Wrong because every time I shut my door my roommate quickly opens hers to go out and get food/go to the bathroom/do whatever else she needs to do. The moment I shut my door, her door opens. We both get up around the same time, have to leave to work around the same time and we even share the same bathroom but I still manage to go weeks without seeing her. Am I really that scary in the morning you can't leave your door open or secretly have to sneak out just to avoid me? Just yesterday my roommate (the one I like) told me that when I was fiddling with the keys outside, trying to get in after work, that one roommate was in the kitchen and quickly booked it to her room. It's so bizarre. I don't know what I ever did.

Maybe it was something with our bathroom. One day I found smelly onions in the bathroom trash. Was she trying to tell me something?

Or maybe it's my lack of recycling. After a whole long day of site seeing, my roommate (the one I like) and I get each get back to find a 3 paged (front and back) sticky note about how we need to recycle. I am sorry that I have gone my whole life without recycling and instinctively throw away the toilet paper rolls in the trashcan when it runs out, instead of the recycling bin I didn't even know existed.

While the note is addressed to Amanda (I think she has mine) it was almost an exact replica. Enjoy.

I had to read the note more than once and then have my roommate explain it to me. So maybe that's why she hides from me. I suck at recycling? I am harming to the environment? But recently I haven't gotten any love notes so maybe she sees that I am trying? So while I am sometimes creeped out by the roommate I never see or the roommate who has the weirdest mannerisms I can't even begin to describe, at least she keeps things interesting around here. 


  1. can we say, passive-aggressive?? haha. and people ask me why i like living alone....
    don't worry, just be your normal self and if she can't accept that, then it's on her conscience, not yours. accept her for all her weirdness and you'll be blessed :)
    love you nessa!!

  2. haha i know right! and yes im accepting her with all her weirdness combined. she makes things interesting around here and you just had a post about definitely practicing this right now!

  3. I had a roommate leave a note once on the A/C haha

  4. so weird! wow. She sounds like she has some issues. Does she have any friends?

  5. haha i don't know broke. I hear her talking to someone in her room...although i think that someone is herself!