Sunday, December 9, 2012

top favorites

Since I have been out here in the DC area I have been able to see and do so many things. Yet there are still a million things I have yet to do or even see. Too much to do. Too little time. I keep telling myself that I have only been out here a short amount of time and still have all the time in the world but that time is ticking! I still haven't walked and seen all the monuments. Like what?! That's the first thing people go and see when they are here. And there's really no excuse with this one because I have officially been out here for a little over 8 months! I just moved to Arlington so I have yet to see what this town has to offer but I loved Alexandria. It is the cutest little town. When people ask me what have been my most favorite things I have done since I have moved out here I'd safely say it was this.. 
Both of these were local right off the harbor in the Old Town Alexandria just 15 minutes from my house. The first was Alexandria's birthday. There was a live symphony that played in unison with fireworks! It felt like the 4th of July all over again because a week later we had amazing fireworks show that was more impressive! The other one I did more recently. It was a Christmas light boat parade.  There were over 30 boats that were all decked out with lights. This one was one of my personal favorites. The lights on the boat flickered with the music. And these are just 2 things out of a million that this area has to offer. So many festivals, concerts, historical sites, museums, etc. I love it. At times I am in awe in all there is to do and am convinced that no where else in the United Sates at least that even compares. What's even more beautiful about all these things is that they are free! Doesn't get better than that right? So glad I took that risk in moving across the country to experience something new. I thought this was going to be a temporary summer experience but am so grateful I stayed. I would've been missing out! So here's to making memories. 


  1. You're in Arlington now?? I love it out there! That was my last stop before my flight out from my trip in October!
    I just need to suck it up and move out there to live with you, huh? Maybe someday... ;)

  2. suck it up? there's nothing to suck up? it's the best place ever!