Sunday, December 2, 2012

the giant

So this past week a selected number of people got to go sit in Suite 118 at the NBA Wizards game. During the middle of the game this man walked into the our room. I haven't seen anyone so tall in my entire existence. He was HUGE! As we inched our way closer to take a picture with a man who looked familiar but I couldn't pin point from where, I was getting a little nervous. Why might you ask? Because he was so incredibly tall!! And for those of you that know me, that's saying a lot. I like my men tall. I will marry someone taller than me, but this man was beyond tall. He is what we define as a giant!  He was ridiculously, abnormally, freakishly not even human-like tall!

So I eventually got over myself and got this picture. He was squeezing us all in together and even made James put his arms around us girls. Again..this guy was making me more and more nervous.
I don't even know if this picture does justice and shows off his height. Maybe this one is better?
Once I got the shot and heard his accent that was enough for me. I just wished I had known his name. It wasn't like I could go up to him and ask him....Hey I know you are famous. I know you are super tall, I know you probably played basketball (maybe you played for the Wizards since we are at a Wizards game) but wait...I don't know your name could you please tell me? Ya, I wasn't going to do that.

So when I got home, I sent out a mass text to my family. I asked my sisters to ask their husbands as to who the myserty basketball man was. The answer? George Muhresan. Funny thing is that my Dad who is the sports wiz and even my brothers and nephews didn't know the guy.  WHo guessed it right in the family? My sister Brandy. Impressive, I know.

So even with the name, I still had no idea who this man was but thanks to Wikipedia I found out all I wanted to know. Supposedly he is 7'7 and remains one of the tallest players in NBA history tied with Manute Bol,who is also 7'7! I told you he was TALL! He is from Romania so what I thought was an accent was indeed an accent. He founded the Giant Basketball Association, how fitting right?He played for the Bullets and the Nets and even starred in the 1998 featured film My Giant starring comedian Bill Crystal. Anyone recognize this?
I'm pretty sure this is where I recognized him from. Not because I know all NBA players and not because I remember ever detail from the movie but I do remember this movie poster. But either way, that was my claim to fame even if it took me 24 hours to learn his name and figure out who he was. 


  1. I am laughing way too hard at this. If I was there I so would have asked him!

  2. Haha, this is awesome. I met Shaq last year (he did a book signing with his autobiography at the Harvard Bookstore) and he was sitting behind a table, but he was HUGE. As tall as me when he was sitting down. Unbelievable.

  3. molly you say that now but maybe that would've changed if you were there! and Allison I would've loved yet been equally as scared to meeting Shaq!