Sunday, October 21, 2012

hump day

So when I think about missions I obviously think about mine. Everything I know about a mission I know from my personal experience. I'm just not sure if the things I did were only in my mission, only in Brasil, or all the missions do it. And your probably thinking do what? Well there are tons of things we do or say that I wont bore you to explain all of them but one of the traditions is hump day

The significance? Hump Day just means you have reached the half way point in your mission, the 9 month mark and figuratively you have climbed that hump.
So what do the sister missionaries do? They stuff their dresses with a pillow and take photos. I just got this from my lovely friend who is on a mission. Miss her SO MUCH! 
After I saw this picture it made me think... it's been a little over 9 months since I have been back. And then made me think 9 months before that I was celebrating my hump day. How the time flies! Somehow I didn't get away with just stuffing my shirt with a pillow. Sister Tamires stil looked gorgeous in her photo and somehow after letting my companion take full control over what I looked like (not even letting me look into a mirror) mine turned out like this.. Thank you Sister Martins. 
Upside down sign...

Now that's slightly better (just because you can read the sign) not because of my face. Just look at that unibrow...can you say sexy?! Love the weird things we do as missionaries. Let's hope that the one day I am preggo I don't look like this. 

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