Monday, September 10, 2012

my lifesaver

My lifesaver =iPhone. It does everything. And while I don't know what that everything entails because my apps are pretty limited and so is my knowledge, it does everything I need. My iPhone can scan my license and save it as a pdf because I need to send it to the HR department ASAP and don't have a scanner close by to being my flashlight when the power decides to go out for a couple days to telling me my mood swings (in love, sad, mad, happy...because we all know it speaks the truth) through my scanned fingerprint. My go to app since I have been out here in DC- Google maps. It has become my new best friend. I don't know what I would do without it! But really. 

So I keeps my apps simple. I don't browse around for other apps, I really don't know all the iPhone has to offer. I am open to any suggestions hence the reason why the majority of my apps are because other people have told me about them.  My 13 year-old nephew laughed when he found out my apps were arranged according to color but works for me. Did I already say that my life depends on my iPhone? Especially when you are directionally challenged, and are new to a city. Now that my car is out here my iPhone and  I will become even closer. 

When I first got off my mission I opted for the cheaper phone (without the high quality camera) thinking...i wont use my iPhone to take pictures. I had been taking pictures with my digital camera the past year and a half and that's all I really need! Little did I know how society had changed and just how convenient the iPhone really is. So I do have the whole taking picture thing down. Just check out my Instagram but the whole video thing is going at a slower pace. I forget I have it but lately I have been better and here are a few gems I captured recently.
After being away the past 2 years on my birthday this was all I needed.
My only question was how did this girl get hired? (one of my bosses is the woman across from me in the leopard just fyi) 
Only 2 weeks in and I got to enjoy myself on a nice boat cruise down the Potomac with the best entertainment might I add. That would be the CEO of Natgeo dancing right in front of me.
love her. wish I would've captured the end.

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