Monday, September 17, 2012


I was born a to be competitive. I wouldn't blame it on my twin sister and the fact that we were born at the same time, doing the same things, being put in the same activities but I always felt the need to compete. It's in my blood and I can thank my highly competitive parents for this. If you know me I like to win. I don't just play something to play. What would be the point? I play to win. And this goes from  board games to landing my job at National Geographic to any and all sports. 
A lot of people tend to tell me "it's just a game." But how boring is that? Just a game? On my mission they prohibited keeping score while playing any kind of sport. I never understood that and that didn't keep me from making mental tallies in my head. My parents are highly competitive. My mom always taught to never give up and to fight for the things I want in life. For that I am grateful. If I see something that I want, I go after it and I go hard. I wish I had video recordings of my sister and I playing church jungle ball...I mean church basketball. We were by far the feistiest most competitive duo on the court. Clawing, (surprisingly no hair pulling) and shoving were involved and we always kept our parents laughing. 

I am not the only competitive one. It's a Vogel thing. My family loves to play the card game Nertz. The game divides you into teams of 2. Those 2 are generally the married couples and almost every time someone storms out mad because someone wasn't playing fast enough, someone didn't see a certain card, someone is going too slow etc. etc. Some of the in-laws were rather intimidated by family after witnessing this game for the first time but I have told myself... If my future hubby cant handle this then hes not the man for me. Is that being too picky? I just need him to keep up with me and my family.

So while I am highly competitve, I'd like to say I am not a sore loser...or shall I say most of the times I am not a sore loser. But I will admit winning to guys is the best feeling ever especially when they think you don't think you can hit a ball. Sorry just because I like to dress cute and I am a girl doesn't mean I don't have some sense of coordination.  The best thing is seeing their faces when you prove them wrong. My last day at Govloop ended in a triumphant win against my coworker, who was a guy.  I had broken the status quo and I tend to continue breaking it.  


  1. i recently whipped some guy at ping pong recently too. nothing feels better. we'll have to play some serious v-ball during christmas. lets hope your future "hubby" can handle all your fierceness.

  2. haha really? i love it! didnt know you were a ping pong player...i never saw you play at home when i had the table! vball is a must a christmas and ill cross my fingers on this future husband part!