Tuesday, August 7, 2012

tuesdays tune

Please tell me you remember them! Takes me straight back to the middle school days. So why this song? I blame it on my coworker. One day we were listening to random pandora stations and she picked Backstreet Boys. Let's just say this station has seriously the best 90s classics from my childhood.  Check it out, you'll hear Blink 182, 98 degrees, to Hoobastank. This goodie was on the playlist.


  1. LOVE it!! spice girls pandora is great too!
    also, october 19th-24th i will be in MD!!! so that monday/tuesday (22nd/23rd, aka MY BIRTHDAY!) i wanna see you! i'm thinking of taking the redline into the city one of those days to do some sight seeing, maybe we can meet up for lunch?!

  2. of course!! yay im so excited! and ill have to check out that pandora station!

  3. TOTALLY remember those hotties! Love me some Pandora!