Wednesday, August 15, 2012

can i just say...

Can I just say...I love where I work. I have been so lucky to have had so much creative freedom on my first straight-out-of-college job. This is rare. It's only after you've been working for a good number of years in your field, that you gain the respect to do what you want. At GovLoop my art director gives me a project and says, run with it. Music to my hears. Normally I get some 30 page Microsoft Word document with a bunch of graphs that look like this.

Boring right? I look at this project and any of the others as a challenge. How do I take something informative (maybe a little on the boring side) and turn it into something cool?  Here was the final result from the BYOD research report. Sad to say goodbye to the people and the job but I was happy with my time there. I was able to accomplish and learn so many things.  Now onto the next chapter of my life.

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