Monday, June 4, 2012

kids say the darnest things

I learned so many things from one conversation at lunch.

1. Wyatt only likes girls if they're cute.
2. Ashton didn't know any better than to kiss a girl when he was 5. But he is sorry.
3. He not only hated that first kiss but hated every millisecond.
4. When someone tries to kiss you, you feel like you're going to throw up
5. Girls like to tease.
6. They love me more than anyone could.

I think this was obvious after my short but ever so sweet 3 day weekend in Delaware.

On the drive home from the beach, a couple days before I headed back to DC, Ashton couldn't stop kissing me. I told him that I have never received so many kisses in my whole entire life than on the 2 hour ride back from the beach. But as Ashton said, he said he had to make up for the 3 years he couldn't kiss me.

He definitely did. I miss their kisses and all that lovin' already.

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