Wednesday, September 11, 2013

walking dead

I am obsessed. Work has been slow. In the Summer quarter there's not much going on.  So what do I decide to do? Become a Walking Dead junkie. I started and maybe finished all 3 seasons of Walking Dead. I'm not even going to go into how long or shall I say how short it took to finish all of them. Slightly embarrassed but for all those who have seen the show, you'd understand. And for all those who haven't, you're missing out. It only stands as having the highest ratings on its premiere night than any other show in Cable history! So here's what has happened since I started watching the show..

I maybe went to the AMC website and "Deaded Myself"

Don't I look good as a Zombie?

I maybe had a dream that I actually remember (it's a miracle) where I was killing zombies left and right.

I maybe start thinking people on the streets were are zombies and out for the kill.  Yesterday was no exception. As I was walking home from the metro there was a lady hobbling in front of me. Something was wrong with one of her legs and what did I instantly think? Zombie! Where's my knife so I can stab her in the head. Ok..that last part was a joke. I haven't turned all violent and everything but I have imagined some people as zombies. I have a problem. And admitting it is the first step to recover right?

Time to start watching something else... that is until the Walking Dead Season 4 premieres.  Already counting down the days. Can October come any faster??


  1. meu a primeira temporada é a melhor! a 3ª não gostei muito... o governador é muito chato... =D mas vc de zumbi ficou bom! eu te mataria! kkkkkk

    peace out

    Elder Alves

  2. eu tamben nao gosta do governador! mas mesmo assim amei os 3 e tava viciada assistindo cada um. nao gostei a 3 por que a esposa do rick faliceu. eu fiquei mais com depressao com esse morte de que todos!

  3. A lori era muito chata... Por mim já teria matado ela faz tempo... =)