Tuesday, April 9, 2013

oh happy day

I realize I am a much happier person when its warm. Today was no exception.

It was a whole 83 degrees today! Simply beautiful. And it was not only warm but there wasn't any humidity (I am so not ready for that to come yet..) Because of the temperature and all the cherry blossoms I can say that this was the first day of Spring..oh wait. 83 degrees in Spring? And tomorrow should be 90?  I guess I can say summer. I heard DC doesn't have a Spring. Crazy to think that a couple weeks ago it was snowing and now I am enjoying this beautiful weather! Ashley and I met up for lunch to eat at the food trucks and clearly a million other people had the same idea. It felt so good to lay on the grass, in the sun, even if I did get grass stains on the back of my shirt.
And then...

look who came in 2nd place in our family March madness bracket?! That would be me! I had forgotten to fill out my bracket so my sister called me seconds before the first game started and told me to quickly fill it out. 2nd place isn't bad for a girl that literally filled this thing out in a minute. Too bad I am not $50 richer. Best part was my dad apologized for having underestimated my final score and ranking. He never admits he's sorry or wrong. Because I had forgotten to fill my bracket out I was logged out of the ESPN website and my points weren't being accumulated like all my other siblings so this 2nd place winner was a complete surprise to the family today, especially my dad. Of course it wasn't a surprise to me. I knew I would at least place in the top 3.

And then there was this..
I received more likes than ever on Facebook and I think never in my life will I ever get more than that. This normally happen when you get engaged, married, have a kid etc, but I am pretty sure nothing will top this. Thanks Nat Geo. By far the highlight of my week since I live and breathe Facebook. I have always aspired to get over 4,700 likes. Mission accomplished. The story behind this- at work we all went around sending funny 80s pics to each other. Then someone in digital marketing wanted to use these 80s images for 3 individual categories in a photo contest and mine was selected! Since I design everything digital it was me who got to design the specs for Instagram, Facebook and the photo contest. That was strange. Never have I designed anything with me in it. And because I am so vain, I loved every second of it. 

Talked to my Creative Director and he told me Nat Geo are fighting for me and they are doing everything in their power to keep me. I heard back from The House of Representatives and they want me to come in for a 3 hour interview this Friday. You heard me...3 hours! Hopefully this will put the pressure on Nat Geo and I'll find out about my job. Just heard amazing talks in conference this past weekend and can't wait to study them in more detail. Life is good. So many blessings all around. Here's to more happy days like this!


  1. This makes me miss the east coast SO BAD! I want to move out there NOW. (And maybe somewhere in the near future, I will...;))
    Also, loved that pic. So much. I wish I was that popular on Facebook/Instagram/etc haha
    And, what's this about a new job?!
    I need updates on your life! (More than what is given through this here blog!)
    Maybe we should skype soon?!

  2. come move out here already!! and yes this job is at the house of representatives. the interview went really well so we shall see what happens! and yes please. lets skype soon!

    1. Done. We are skyping. Or google hangout? That works for me too, ha. Let's plan....I'm free tonight, tomorrow, Thursday. Sundays are good too.
      ANDDDD, if all goes (I'm not saying well, just saying, if things go) then I might be moving out there in January. I have a 6 month contract here in SLC, plus an extra month to get me through the end of the year. So maybe then I can move. We'll see :) FIND ME A JOB! haha.