Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sometimes I don't feel worthy of all the blessings that come my way. When something good happens, I immediately thank the Lord and attribute all my success in life to him. Recently I have been feeling a lot of gratitude. Life is such a beautiful thing and today especially I am feeling more humble, more grateful and an extreme amount of happiness.

So I have been working at National Geographic now for almost 9 months! It seems like yesterday when I was walking up to the Nat Geo office building with butterflies going in for my first interview. When I found out I had gotten the job I was seriously the happiest person in the world. I had just landed my dream job which was by far the best birthday present anyone could give.

So I knew later down the road my job with Nat Geo could come to a close seeing as it was only a 6 month contract with a possibility of hiring me full-time. They weren't telling me anything concrete as to whether this would happen so I started applying for jobs.

I just heard back from the House of Representatives that they are offering me a job! Never in a million years did I think I could potentially want to work for them/ be excited about a job like this. Since when was I political?! I don't know if I am in comparison to other people out here but DC is changing me... After examining 33 people, interviewing another 15 people on the phone and asking 5 people to come in for an in-person interview, I found out that they are making me an offer! The interview process was long and extensive (a whole 3 1/2 hours) but once I sat in some beautiful office with a fireplace, huge gold mirror, beautiful victorian furniture and couches and a straight shot looking out to the Washington Monument to meet a couple  "big shots" I knew this was a good sign.
How cool would it be walking inside this building on a daily basis?
And then just when I thought I already had a difficult decision to make-
1. Stay with Nat Geo when there's a chance they might not hire me because I love my job or
2. Work for the House of Representatives which would be a once in a lifetime opportunity while I'm  living in DC and now there's a number 3
3. Just today someone reached out to me for a Digital Graphic Design Job in LA and they're wanting someone who speaks Portuguese!! Could this be true??

Since when does this happen? A job at some major company, doing what I love, in a city I love, beautiful weather (I don't want another humid summer in DC)  and they are specifically looking for a fluent Portuguese speaker! They had literally posted the job on Linkedin minutes before they reached out to me. 

And here I'm thinking I already had a major decision to make and now this? When I started reading this (Call me a cry baby. I know. I'm different. The mission has changed me) I started to get teary eyed. I can only thank the Lord. I know he is looking over me and while I feel like I am so unworthy of all the blessings he's pouring out to me in my life I am extremely grateful. Sometimes I wonder why me? And I guess I always resort back to the phrase my mom told me growing up...good things happen to good people.


  1. whoa whoa whoa!!! So exciting Ness!!! You are so awesome... obviously my vote is LA so you'll be closer to me... but I love DC as well and the job out there sounds AMAZING!! You'll make the right decision and it will be PERFECT for you! LOVE YOU!

  2. NESS! That is SO AMAZING! Both of those options sound fantastic. And I agree with Brianna, I think either job will be perfect for you. It sounds like they're both good choices and that you'll just have to pick one (never as easy as it sounds, believe me!) My vote is DC, since I'm looking at moving out there in January, but LA obvs is also wonderful! I'm kind of jealous of all of these opportunities you have!!

  3. i would love to be out closer to you breezy! who knows what will happen. i have until friday to figure things out and decide!