Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Life is a beautiful thing. So many things make me happy. I just saw a bunch of friends in Utah who I hadn't seen over a year. Loved every second of it. I love nature. I love the beach. I love my family. I love kids. I love being creative. I love music. I love the temple. I love trying new things. I love to travel.  I love my life DC life. I love new experiences. I love my job. I loved my mission. I love Brasil.  I love the challenges and trials I have faced in my life. I love my friends. I love being a friend. I love to listen. I love my church calling. I love my Heavenly Father. I love the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

This last one is one thing I love the most. It's what I hold most dear my heart. I had the privilege to share this love and knowledge with a dear friend of mine months ago. It was as if I was on my mission again. It was a reminder of the most important things in life and what really matters. It made me the happiest I have been since I have gotten back off my mission. It made me realize that we can't be doing anything more important or worth while in our "single" years than sharing this precious gospel. 

The happiness I felt as I sat in on every lesson she had with the elders, as I saw her grow and develop a testimony, and make the necessary changes in her life to move towards baptism are indescribable. I don't have words sufficient enough to explain how happy I truly felt not only during her conversion but all those I got to know on my mission. It is a happiness that is long lasting. A happiness that I feel deep inside the core of my heart. A happiness that can't be bought and a happiness that is eternal. How I am grateful I opened up my mouth. I knew from the second time we had met this girl was special and the Lord was preparing her to accept the true gospel. Each day I am humbled by her example, by her faith, obedience, diligence, compassion, determination, humility, and by her love towards God. She thinks I have taught her yet she is the one who has taught me in more ways than I can describe.
From her getting baptized..
 To her getting confirmed...
To her bearing her testimony exactly a month after her baptism
(too bad I don't have a picture of this day)

To reading this today on her Facebook...
She has changed me for the better  and I thank God for putting her in my life. Who would've known that meeting someone in the girls bathroom could have turned into this. Amo vc minha amiga eterna!

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