Saturday, March 2, 2013

what happened

At work we are doing a 3-day special on show that celebrates the 80's in a couple weeks. To get everyone excited they passed out Pop Rocks yesterday. Can I just say..magic in my mouth! I forgot how good those things were. I think the last time I had that was when I was elementary school? 

There has also been this long chain of emails of people posting pictures of themselves from the 80s. Luckily I was born in 1988... just barely making the cut. I don't own a single photo from my childhood out here in DC so that's where my mom stepped in. I told her to send me a photo that screamed 80s and although I'm sure this photo was taken in the 90s (I was born in 88' and I look at least 3 or 4 in the photo? You can do the math...) the leggings, oversize Body Glove shirt and my side ponytail definitely scream 80's!  The Senior VP responded to only 2 emails and one of them was mine saying "Winner!!! Love the white boots!" The only person I can thank for this? My ever-so-stylish mom.
So apparently my sister said I always told my mom to do a side ponytail.
I had to have it done like this! Now I am asking myself..why?
Lucky me, my mom sent me a couple other goodies.  I loved hiding in places. I look back at my childhood photos and I always sat in places I shouldn't be from drawers to our refrigerator. And can we just take a look at the photo of me with a propellor hat! Simply amazing. 

After I looked at these photos I concluded one thing..I was so cute when I was younger. What happened??


  1. You're still so cute!!! duh!
    these pictures are amazing though! I love Molly's little ballet slippers with leggings and oversized tee... totally in style now haha

  2. haha I know! When I showed her she said..I still wear the same thing!