Sunday, September 23, 2012

president preito

I know what President Prieto was doing late Sunday afternoon. I opened up my emails and saw this! I am impressed by his knowledge with certain programs on the Internet. Google+ and LinkedIn aren't well known in Brasil. They were news to me when I got back off my mission. But I am officially in President Prietos circle of friends and connected to him on LinkedIn.  While our relationship isn't the same because I am not in Brasil, I am not a missionary anymore and we don't communicate nearly as much as I would like to at least I can feel semi connected to him in this way. On LinkedIn he even wrote me a nice recommendation. While I realize it's in portuguese...if ever one day I get a job that requires me to speak portuguese this will be of use!

I'd like to think that he has figured out all this himself and it's not the mission secretaries. I love my mission president and his wife.  I have never met such a powerful..short might I who is full of the spirit and so powerful and passionate about his beliefs. I am grateful I was adopted into his family for 18 months as my father. I truly admire and respect him and all he has done for our mission, the missionaries, to his wife family and to the church. And while he never ceased to tease me from my dog bite wound to my hair color...literally every time I saw him he was cracking another joke sometime over the pulpit in front of 100 other missionaries I know it was all out of love. I miss him but at least we can "hangout" on Google now.

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