Monday, July 9, 2012

what did you do to your hair??

Well lets just say that my hair has been through quite the rollercoaster over the past 2 years. Brasil wasn't too good to it and it's still trying to recover. I told myself 6 months before the mission that I wasn't going to touch my hair for the next year and a half. Too hard to up keep, too hard to find a good stylist, too hard to find time, and who even cares? I wasn't trying to impress anyone.

After I hit  the 9 month mark, I needed a change. The fact that the bishops wife offered to cut and color my hiar for only $20 was also really enticing. So there begins the rough journey...

1. Started off with highlights. Something simple. Nothing too drastic.
2. Wanted to take advantage of the fact that I didn't get trasnfered and still had the cheap hair stylist down the street so I asked for just a little more highlights. And what happened? She turned me blonde!
I saw this picture on my camera one day after I dyed my hair
and didn't even recognize myself!

3. So as my roots began to grow I needed to fix the problem. This was the first time I ever used a box and the lady was doing it out of her home. No legit in-house salon like the first time around. Should've known this was leading to a major disaster.
Farias was smart in going dark.

All I see in this picture is orange roots!
4. The orange roots weren't working out to well so what did I do? I went to some near by salon and a stylist tried to weave in more blonde to cover up the orange. Helped, but didn't quite do the trick.
Way better than before but the orange is still present.
5. Summer is approaching in Brasil, once again my roots are growing out so why not go dark and hide up all the mess ups from before? But not only dark, dark with a hint of red. Real smart when you already have blonde and orange in your hair. So this looked good until a week later after being in the sun, the color had faded!

6. I finally get back to the states and the 2nd day I got home I went to a salon. I needed major help. When I got there the first thing my hair stylist said was...what did you do to your hair? More like what didn't I do with my hair. So proceeded to tell me I couldn't dye it or do anything to it for another 6 months.

Well it has been exactly 6 months and what did I do? Went to get my hair done. Didn't know who to go to or where to go seeing as I am new to the city but can I just say I was thoroughly pleased with my male Nicaraguan hairstylist. Never have I had a guy cut my hair but after 4 long hours in the salon he made me a happy woman.

What we call the melt
I wasn't trying to take a myspace photo, I promise.
One good thing about the dye job is I wont have to dye it for quite some time. I can give the hair some rest, that is until I get bored and want to try something new again...


  1. thanks! miss you too! ok so you commenting on my blog made me remember that i had a dream about you last night..and you were dating marco! ill send you an email. its probably better.