Monday, July 16, 2012

a little present...

Remember when my roommate got mad at me because I didn't know how to recycle? Well, now I have no excuse because look what she gave me today. A trash and recycle collection guideline. How thoughtful right?!

Last week we had a nice conversation in our own house. Yes, that's right. We talked inside our own home and that was only cause it was necessary. After more than a couple things, I had had enough. I told her I would appreciate it if she doesn't throw away my food or touch my things without asking. Her response? She would appreciate it if I would learn how to recycle better. And this was the same week I took out the trash and even remembered to put it out on the street for trash day. But with this trash and recycling booklet I think I might be able to study and master the art of recycling just before I move out. Oh darn.


  1. Ok. So I guess the mish didn't prepare you for THIS kind of roommate, eh? Wishing for a new place for you. And a car. And a boyfriend. Maybe not all in that order.

  2. haha i am wishing for all of those things too! but we need to add a job on that list. order: job, car (that way i could get a bf), bf and then a place to live!