Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my other half

Today on the metro I saw two identical twins. They had matching hair dos, shirts, shorts and even matching star ribbons in their hair. Everything was the same even down to their red nail polish. It made me think about mine.

A lot of you know (or maybe not) that I have a twin sister Molly. Some people tend to forget this (my best friend cort of how many years texted me a couple months ago and said...wait. do you have a twin? haha i swear I told him this on more than one occasion). 

Everyone always asks us if we are identical. But when they ask us this question we are never together. I think if they saw us side by side that question wouldn't  arise. We are extremely different in every way. Just look at our hair styles in these pictures and it explains what I am talking about. I haven't seen her in over 2 years hence the cropping//pasting/photoshopping that has been done in these photos. I'm ready for her to come back to the USA.

I'd say we looked a lot longer when we were younger and mom made us dress in matching outfits. Go BYU!


  1. Wow! You two look so different! Where is she now? And I always forget you are a twin! (like me!) :)

  2. She's in Scotland! and go us for both having a twin!